50+ Best Attitude Status | Attitude Quotes In English

Best Attitude Status

If you were absent
During my struggle
Don’t Expect to Present
During my Success

Best Attitude Status

You can always Make money
But, you can’t get back time

Losing you
was my biggest win

Don’t surround
yourself from
snakes & Fakes

Your self respect has to be
Stronger than your feelings

Bro, you are not trying your best
And that is enough

Life is a game
You can be a player
Or a toy

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Be polite in your words
And savage in your attitude

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Attitude Quotes In English

The Last Time I
Saw Something
Like you
I Flushed it

Just one life
you have
Don’t waste it
Waiting for her reply

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Maturity is when you
Realize self respect
Is more important
Than Love

Best Attitude Status

Your first mistake
Was thinking that
She will never leave you

If you hesitate
Between Me and Another Person
Don’t choose Me

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If you want to mess with me
You’d better be ready for the

Be careful with how
Much you are tolerate,
You are teaching them
How to treat you

Grades don’t measures
Intelligence and age
Doesn’t define Maturity

Don’t be afraid to walk
Away from toxic people

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You learn a lot about
When they don’t get what they want from you

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