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English attitude shayari

Crying is the only way your eyes
speaks when your mouth can’t
explain how things made your heartbroken

Loyal boys still exist 
They are just busy 
Building their career

english attitude shayari

Be a man with goals
Not a boy with wishes

Loyalty isn’t
A word, it’s a Lifestyle

Showing them your result
Is much better Effective than
Sharing your Plans

english attitude shayari

Yes, I am changed
Because my old version
Is too weak

No matter how good a person you are 
You’re always bad in someone’s story

shayari in english attitude

Your life becomes a masterpiece,
When you learn to master peace

Be quiet but 
Notice everything

shayari in english attitude

Don’t be too honest in this world
Because straight trees are always
Chosen first for cutting

Don’t forget the lifestyle
You have promised to yourself

Being broke is part of the game 
Staying broke is some personal shit

shayari english attitude

Prioritize your
Own Happiness

Never let a bad day 
Make you feel like 
You have a bad life

shayari english attitude

Too many people
Too many shades
Nobody’s Stays
Everybody fades

When Money speaks
Nobody checks the grammar

hindi shayari in english attitude

Have more, than
You show
speak less, than
You Know

Do 99 things for someone
And all they remember is the
one thing you didn’t do

2 line shayari in english attitude

Fuck Fake Love
And half-ass friend

Attitude shayari in english

Sometime it’s better just
To remain silent and smile

best shayari in english attitude

If they say its Impossible
It’s impossible for them not for you

Don’t look back
You are not going to that way

english attitude shayari boy

Never say “No one likes me”
Always say ” No one is like me “

When your “why is clear”
Then how is easy

english attitude shayari boy

If you were absent
During my struggle
Don’t Expect to Present
During my Success

Some people are like birds
you help them to fly once
they’re in air and shit on you

short shayari in english attitude

When your intentions are pure 
You don’t lose anybody 
They Lose you

attitude shayari english

You can always make money
But, you can’t get back time

Losing you
was my biggest win

attitude shayari english

Don’t surround
yourself from
snakes & Fakes

Your self-respect has to be
Stronger than your feelings

Shayari in english attitude

Bro, you are not trying your best
And that is enough

Life is a game
You can be a player
Or a toy

attitude shayari english mein

Be polite in your words
And savage in your attitude

Confuse them with your silence
Shock them with your result

They start missing you 
When they fail to replace you 
Super rich and 
Not famous is a 
Beautiful way to live 

killer attitude shayari in english

The Last Time I
Saw Something
Like you
I Flushed it

Just one life
you have
Don’t waste it
Waiting for her reply

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Maturity is when you
Realize self-respect
Is more important
Than Love

boy attitude shayari in english

Your first mistake
Was thinking that
She will never leave you

If you hesitate
Between Me and Another Person
Don’t choose Me

attitude shayari

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If you want to mess with me
You’d better be ready for the

Be careful with how
Much you are tolerate,
You are teaching them
How to treat you

attitude shayari in english

Be confident in 
God’s plan

English shayari attitude

Grades don’t measures
Intelligence and age
Doesn’t define Maturity

Don’t be afraid to walk
Away from toxic people

You learn a lot about
When they don’t get what they want from you

Hard works puts you
Where good luck can find you

shayari in english attitude

See the good in

When people say
I don’t want to be like you
I just smile & reply
chill, you never will

attitude status for boys in english

If you don’t come from a rich family
Make sure a rich family must come from you

When you focus on you, you grow
When you focus on shit, shit grows
Read that again

attitude life shayari

When money speaks
Nobody checks
The grammar

I don’t take shit personally, from a
A person who doesn’t know
My personality

attitude shayari english mein

It’s my nature
To destroy
Everything I touch

Smarter than your Ex
Better than your Next

english attitude shayari

If my mouth won’t say it,
My face definitely will

I was in pain but no one saw me
Now, I’m happy and
Everyone’s Attention is on me

shayari, attitude boy in english

Attitude shayari in english girl

I didn’t say goodbye
I just walked away

I felt so much,
I started to FEEL nothing

attitude shayari 2 line in english

Some PEOPLE come into your life,
Only to teach you how to live alone

If someone shows you their true colors,
Don’t try to REPAINT them

I don’t need MIDDLE Finger honey
My eyes are Enough

What’s the Dumbest thing
You Did As a kid?
Wished I was an Adult

Treat me like a option
And I will show you
How many I got

All the bulshit made
Me strong

Attitude shayari english mein

If you want to be strong
Learn to fight alone

Sometimes I miss my
Old friends But then
I remember the disrespect

Never give anyone
The remote of your

I stopped texting people
First and then I never
Heard from them anyone

Walk like you are a
King Or you don’t
Give a fuck is.

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