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Life is very strange, it will look like a stranger whenever you try to meet it. Each one has his feeling. Poets also saw life from their perspective and realized their feelings. Here is the best feeling in beautiful words.

I May Not be perfect
But atleast I am not
Bee Fake One

I smile to make everyone
day, But the truth is that
I’M crying on Inside

shayari on life
shayari on life

May Be I am villain
In your story
But I am hero
In mine

Shayari on life in english

The secret of
Happiness is low Expectation

Real situation
Expose fake People

Avoid Me once
I will never
Disturb Again

People don’t change,
They reveal who they
Really are

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Behind those fake
Smile lies a Lonely Heart

There is no market for
Your emotion never
Advertise them

English life shayari

Before you say
“There are no good men”
Just make sure
You are a good women

Time is Non-Refundable
Don’t waste it on
Stupid women

Life shayari in english
Life shayari in english

If you don’t
Like me, take a map
Get a car,
Drive to hell
Have a nice trip

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I don’t want to sit
Around & hope good
Things will happen,
I want to make them happen,

I want to be in control
Of my destiny

People say everything
Happens for a reason,
So when I punch you
In the face remember
I have a reason

Best english life shayari

A good girl gives you
Happiness, and a bad girl
Gives you experience,
Both are essential in life
So enjoy every girlfriend

The way I see it,
If you want the rainbow, you
Gotta put up with the rain

The purpose of
our life is to be happy

A tongue has no bones
But its strong enough
To break a heart

Thinking is difficult That’s
why most people judge

english life shayari
english life shayari

Psychology says,
When a person
Appear in your Dreams,
that Person want To see you

Dear me,
Don’t expect too
Much from others

Make yourself happy
Mistakes have the
Power to turn you
Into something better
Than you were before

We both say
I Love You
To each other
But the difference
Was, I didn’t lie

Addiction of person is
Dangerous than a drug

Don’t try to make me bad,
Because I don’t know
How to be bad
I just know how To be worst

You will never know
The power inside you
Until someone hurt you badly

shayari on life in english

When you build in silence,
People don’t know
How to attack

Respect your haters,
They are the only
Ones who thanks
You are better than them

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You killed the innocent
In me and I will never Forgot

An open enemy is far
Better than a false friend

Silence is the best
Response to a fool

I love sarcasm it’s like
Punching people in
The face with words

You want a fight
I will bring a war

english life shayari
english life shayari

You can play the game
Or you can change the game

The most dangerous person
Is the one who listens, think
And observes

I don’t have a dirty mind
I have a sexy imagination

If someone is leaving
It means that they ar
Giving us a chance to
Find someone better

best life shayari in english
best life shayari in english

Yes, I changed
Because its hard
To forget you
With the old me
To the feelings
That I had for you

Fall in love
With life before
You fall in love
With anyone

Work hard
In silence, let
Success make the

When helping
The poor, leave
The camera At home

Never Wait for Others
Just Do And Make Your
Own Way

Life becomes more meaningful
when you realize the simple fact
You’ll never get the
same moment twice

Slow progress is always
Better than no progress

Single because
No one is Loyal in these days

Some stories are written with the pen,
Some stories are written with pain

Some people wear a happy face
To hide their pain and
Some people wear a sad face
To give others pain

Open Your Eyes
Feel Yourself
Are you Happy
With The Life You are Living

Success Is the Only
Proof of life

The Truth Is No One Know
About Tomorrow
Life is Crazy Ride
Nothing is Sure Here

Life is not about
completing yourself
It is all about creating Yourself

The Purpose Of
Everyone Life is To be Happy

Life Is Not What We Expect
It Is Completely Mystery

You Cannot Protect yourself from Negativity
Without protecting yourself From Postitivity

Never Compare Yourself with Others
Always Remember
You Are Completely Unique.

The Future Belongs To Those
Who Believe In Hard Work english main shayari

No One Knows About Tommorrow
So Just Foces On Your Today

Never Believe In Luck
Always Believe In Hard Work
Because Hard Word Always Pays Off

Doing Something Is Better
Than Doing Nothing

Take Care Of Your Health.
Its The Only Body
You Have To Live

English Mein Shayari

Keep Growing
If You Stop
You Die

Find Yourself
Or Find Success
They Are Same

You don’t have to be the sun
For the people
Who don’t appreciate your light

You deserve someone who will notice you
When you are not being yourself

The heart and the night knows about
The battles fought all alone

The more you become who you are,
The harder it is to fit into places
You don’t belong

You don’t have to be sun for the people
Who don’t appreciate your light

We waste time searching for a forever
In another being, when the most authentic
Forever is found within ourselves

Wait for the one but
Never wait for someone to be the one

A friend is one who overlooks your broken
Fence and admires the flowers in your garden

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