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English Shayari for Life

Level Up
So hard
That they
Have to
Re-meet &
Re know You

The goal is not to wear brands
It is to become one

I am always hungry
For success

Maybe I was born a loser
But I will die a Fucking legend

Always Remember Beginning is
The hardest part

Make money to live
Don’t live o earn money

If you want to live a happy life
Tie it to a goal,
not to people Or things

Having someone you can call
Crying then end it laughing
Is such a blessing

Remember that just because
You hit bottom doesn’t mean
You have to stay there

I don’t Love Studying
I hate Studying
I like learning
Learning is beautiful

Great Achievers are Driven
Not so much by the pursuit
Of success, But by the Fear of Failures

Anything you lose
Comes around in another form

Feel the strength &
Become Fearless

It is your road and you’re alone
Others may walk it with you But
No one can walk for you

Money and success don’t change people;
they merely amplify what is already there.

Show me your status in society
Not on social media

Every man needs a good woman in his life
Even if she is just a friend
A good woman adds value
To a man’s life,
no matter what capacity she serves in

Now I remember why my teachers always told me
TO keep eyes on my own paper

Sometimes it’s not about 
Who has more talent 
It’s about Who’s hungrier

Shayari in English on Life

You need to get motivated
Look your ficking bank account balance

Money is like a Dettol
It kills 99.99% of problems

No money more problems
More money no problems

Count your blessings
Not your problems

Don’t call it to dream
Call it A plan

Work until you feel
Dubai tour is cheap

The pain that you have been feeling
Cannot compare the joy that is coming

A loyal person is always
Better than a royal person

Before they compare my skin to others
But today I compare My bank balance to them

One day you will laugh at the problems
Which you have today

Pain is temporary
Pride is forever

One day your car is costlier
Then their lifetime income
Keep Hard Work

Work like a hustler 
Sleep like a baby

Life shayari In English

If someone stupid enough to walk
Out of your life
Then be smart enough
to let them go

Don’t think about saving money
Think about making more money

Hard time to teaches
You a valuable lessons

Speak English
Kiss French
Dress Italian
Spend Arab

At the age of 25
Others want to get married and have kids
But I want my parents in the back seat of my BMW

life shayari in english

Old habits Won’t
Bring new results

I don’t like to talk
About my situation
Because I know
If I talk, I’d cry

Thokar Hain Zindagi Me lekin
Sahi Samay Kabhi To Aayega
Jab Acchi Kismat Hogi Apni
Aisi Koi To Samay Aayega

No Pain, No Gain
One Aim, Own Game

A smooth Sea
Never Made A Skilled Sailor

Don’t be so proud of your skin colour
We all are the same when the light goes off

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Never interrupt your enemy
When he is making a mistake

Behind every man who is rich,
There is a Bitch. Who left him
In his difficult time

Never say “No One Likes Me”
Always Say “No One Is Like Me”

Train your mind to stay calm
In every situation

Behave like fool
Think like Brilliant

One day you feel
“Life Is Difficult”, But
Then the result
Can be very Great

If Hard Work pays Off,
Show me A Rich Donkey


Early Success Is a Scam
Great Things Take TIme

In the end
Only Result Matters
Not the Efforts

First, they will Laugh
Then they will Copy
Don’t Give Up

Shayari English

Lies never look cool,
Cheats never look beautiful

Not how long,
but how well
you have lived is the main thing

I can’t go back in the past
And change my wrong
But I can go in the future
And make life bright

Positive Imagination generates Positive Power
And Makes life better

Save your feelings for,
Someone who cares

If you are happy with your work
Fuck what people think about you

Never share your secret with anybody
It will destroy you

Never interrupt your enemy
When he is making a mistake

Don’t be so quick to judge me after all
You only see what I choose to show you

Don’t worry my time is bad
But I will rise

Make your parents proud
your enemies jealous and yourself happy

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Sometimes expecting the same
Love and care in return
Hurt a lot

Zindagi Ek Phool Hain
Ye Hum Sabhi Ki Bhool Hain
Girkar Khud hi Uthna Hain
Zindagi Zine Ka Yahi Vasool Hain

A clear rejection is always
better than a fake promise

English shayari on life

Behind the mask, there is no more
Then just flesh. Beneath this mask
There is an idea…
And ideas are bulletproof

Every next level of your life
Will demand a different you

Success at anything will always
Come down to this : Focus & Effort,
And we control both

The only limit to our
realization of tomorrow
Will be our dobts of today

Always love the

Be fearless in the pursuit
Of what sets your soul on fire

Distance does nothing
Ego kills relationship

The best revenge is no revenge.
Move on and be happy

When your intentions are pure,
You don’t lose anyone.
People lose you

Rejection is the injection of progression

The less you care about what others think,
The happier you will be

When nobody was watching
Love someone when
Always have a fear
Of losing you

Sometimes you want
To talk a person very
Badly, but you don’t
Text or call them because
They might get disturbed by you

Apparently, everyone is
Busy with their life, their
Problems, so if someone
Is making efforts to make
You smile “Appreciate it”

Good things take time
Be patience

It’s never too late
For a new beginning
In your life

Shayari english mein

The biggest suspense
Of life is that you don’t
Know who’s praying for
You and who’s playing with you

Reality of life
When you gave importance to people
They think you are always free. But they
Don’t understand that you yourself
Available for them

Always remember one
thing People only miss
you when you look good
or doing good

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Shayari on life

Sometimes you have to keep
Your good news to yourself
Everybody is not genuinely
Happy for you

Never stop learning
Because of life never
Stops teaching

Sometimes your haters
Are your biggest motivators

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Always love your friends
From your heart not
From your mood or need

Leave me like the page
Of that book, where one
A corner is turned as a
Bookmark, to never
Forget to complete it

It’s fine to celebrate success
But it is more important to
Head the lessons of failure

It’s okay to be
vulnerable sometimes

All the hustle, early mornings,
Late nights, and missed parties
It will pay off one day

Dear past thank you for
All the lessons.
Dear future I am ready

Go for someone who
Is proud to have you

Some are born rich
Some make themselves rich

You don’t deserve someone
Who comes back, you
Deserve someone who never leaves

Until the lion learns
How to write every story
Will Be glorify
The hunter

English life shayari

Nobody knows the real me
Nobody knows how many times
I’ve cried in my room

The best project you’ll
Ever work on is you

Some people don’t need help
They just want attention

It’s good to trust other
But, not to do so is much better

Old me don’t leave me I beg you
New me I don’t care if you block me or leave me

Never forget karma is always online

Sometimes you need
Bad things to happen
To inspire you to
Change and grow

It’s easy to make 15
Friends in one year
But keeping one
Friend for 15
Years is special

Lack of communication
Ruins everything because
Instead of knowing how
The other person is
Feeling, we just assume

Falling in love is easy
But staying in love is
Very special

Yes, I am single but I don’t
Need temporary relationships
I am searching for a permanent
A person who would understand
My silence better than my words

Some people will never
Support you because
They are afraid of what
You might become

A big thank you
To all people who
Never gets tired
Of supporting me

Act like you trust people,
But don not

You are not sorry
That you did it
You are sorry that I found it

After breakup
she got a new
partner & I got a new life

The best revenge is showing them
That your life is getting
Better after they’re gone

When you are a
Good person
You don’t lose
People, people
Lose you

Success is not
Easy, you have
To put yourself
On fire

Sometimes it feels better not to talk.
At all about anything to anyone

I am not impressed by money,
social status, or job title.
I am impressed by the way treats other human beings

Sad shayari in english for life

Don’t cheat if you are not happy
Just leave

I never lie because I don’t fear anyone
people only lie when they are afraid

Everything is easy
When you are busy
But nothing is easy
When you are lazy

Make sure you have
Your own life before
Becoming someone’s

Dear girls
Stop wasting tears for
A fake person, somewhere
A person is dying to
Get text from you

Loyalty is expensive
Don’t expect it
From cheap people

Everything is ok
in the end
If it’s not ok,
Then it’s not the end

Sometimes it’s better
To remain silent and smile

She want to fly first class,
I want to own the plane

If your goal set you
Apart from the crowd,
Then stand alone

When your goals
And dreams are
More important
Than your distractions
Welcome to the 1% club

There are no mistakes
Or failures, only lessons

Too many peoples
Too many shades
Nobody stays
Everyone fades

Too busy is a myth,
People make time
Are really important
To them

Everything will be okay at the end
If it is not okay, it is not the end

I am not the person
I once was

You can’t make
Everybody happy
You are a human
Not Netflix

Yes I have made
Mistakes because
Life didn’t come with
User manual and

Anyone who has never
Made mistakes have
Never tried anything new

life english shayari

Dream as if you’ll
Live forever. Live
As if tomorrow is
Last one

The quickest way to
Double your money
Is to fold it in half
And put it back
In your pocket

Don’t worry
Bro your time
Is bad not you
Journey of
Thousands of Miles
Begins with One-step

People who say they
Don’t need anybody went through a lot of shit
because of somebody

I am single because,
I don’t want anyone
To control my life

No matter how much you care for someone,
One day they will leave you

I know you don’t miss me anymore
And it breaks me even more

Bad days are
The Ones that
Build better days

If you want next
Level results,
Then your efforts
Better be next level

In the end, i have learned
was how to be strong

Trust what you feel,
Not what you hear

You don’t know me, You only
Know what I allow to know

When you’re grateful for what
You have instead been upset
On what “you deserve” life
Gets really good

You have to fight
Through some bad days
To earn best days
Of your life

No one dies a virgin,
Life fucks every
A single one of us

Take inspiration
But don’t imitate

In my case karma
Was not working
Well so, I became karma

happy shayari in english

Whether you love
Me or hate me,
I’m still going to
Shine bright
Like a star

I don’t follow others,
I only follow my
Orders because
I am my own boss

Bro life is a
The game be a pro

From nothing to
Something we came
Here from hard work

I’m bad because
I failed to find
Good people

For help
You can do
Anything but
Not everything

Don’t feel sad if
Someone rejects you
People always reject
Expensive things and go
For the cheap one

Madness is like gravity
All it takes is a little push

Time has a wonderful way
To show us what really matters

Success is never owned
It’s rented and the
Rent is due every day

Pass the truth to the next generation
Teach them early what we learn late

Your family is
the best team
you could ever have

Never stop showing
Someone How much
They mean to you

When you focus on you, you grow
When you focus on shit, Shit grows.
Read that again

Sometimes even the devil on my shoulder asks,
What the fuck are you doing

I am bad because I failed
To find good people for help

Sick of trying tried of crying
Yes I am smiling because
Inside I am dying

You wanna get comfortable or
You wanna grow?
Cause you can’t do both

I believe in myself
Not in your opinions

English shayari life

Any friend that turns into an enemy has been
Hating since day one

Money and success don’t change people;
They merely amplify what is already there.

The big lesson in life, baby, is never be
Scared of anyone or anything.

Don’t talk like one of them.
You’re not! Even if you’d like to be.

The stuff you heard
about me was a lie,
I am more worse than you think

Some people
wear a happy
face to hide their pain and some
people wear a sad face to give others pain

Life is not a problem to be solved,
but a reality to be experienced.

What Money Says
Save Me Today
So That I Can Save You Tomorrow

My feelings will die one day
I am sure I’ll forget you

Privacy is the power that people
Don’t know they can’t ruin

I’m not a hero to play
I’m here to dominate

Life is a journey and
Only you hold the key

life has always had a wonderful ending,
If it’s not amazing, then trust me it’s not the end,
It’s just the starting of something more lovely

People live together
Because they forgive each other

Failure Always Talk About Winning
But Champion Always Perform Never Talk

Never Think Too Much
Just Do
Whatever Makes you Happy

Always Do You Best For Anyone
It will Come One Day
In Unexpected Ways

Short shayari in english

A Negativity Though Will Never
Help You To Gain Positivity

Always Remember
Every Successful Person
Had To Struggle

Never Tell Anyone
About Your Dreams
Show Them With Results

Don’t Wait
Because No One Is There
To Help You

I Know It Your Bad Time
And I Also Know
Good Time Is Waiting For You

I never Judge People
I only Let Them Know
What They Are

Don’t Wait For Good Time
Just Make It The Best Time

If You Are Not Perfect
Then You Are In
The process of Becoming Perfect

Never Waste Your Time
To Impress Someone
Just Invest The Time
To Improve Yourself

The Only Mystery In Life Is
You Are Still Not Succeeded

Remember You Have Only One Life
So Make Sure
It should be Full Of Happiness

Life Is So Fast Like A bullet
So Never Forget Those
Who Always Supported You

Life Is like A Mobile
You Have Charge Yourself
To Keep Running

Want To Succeed
So Quiet Talking
And Start Doing

Never Remember Bad Days
Because It Takes Your Today

Failure Will Never Overtake you
If Your Dreams Are Strong Enough

If You Have Made A Mistake
So Remember You Have Tried Something

Life Is Really Simple
You Just Need
To Consider Problem As Opportunity

Shayari life in english

If you Want to Live a Happy Life
Follow Your Dreams Not Others

Life Is Not A Problem
It is a Question To be Solved

When You Follow Your Dreams
You Choose To Make Rest Of Your Life
The Best Of Your Life

If You Fear To Fail
You Are Near To Success

If You Stop Improving
Then You Stop Life

Problems in your life Never come to destroy you,
but to Assist you to realize your hidden Power

We all have to Go One Day
So Just Make It Memorable

We Must Say
Thank You To God
For Giving Us.
More Than What We Deserve
And For Helping Us Unconditionally.

Success Is Never Easy To Get
So Always Take Strong Decision

If you want to be strong
Learn to fight Alone

The first rule of 2021 :
Don’t talk about the Past,
Create Your future

Never judge the people
By their past
People learn, People, change,
People move on

Stop overthinking
and making up
Problems that
doesn’t exist

Your Success Is Only The Answer
To The Questions Of Society.

Never Forget People Who Always Helped You
They Are The Only Real Friend Of Yours

You Have All Answers
You Only Need The Right Question

Sometimes You Do Not Have Options
Means You Have To Make one.

Choose The Job You Like
And You Will never feel
You Are Working.

English shayari on life 2 lines

Life Is Really Easy
But We Make It Complicated.

Always Keep Your eyes on The Sky.
But Your Feet On The Ground.

Success Is Not The Key Of Life
Life Only Need Happiness

There Is Always An option
We Only Need To Find It.

life Is Not About Finding Happiness.
It’s About Finding Yourself

Every Day We Do Our Best
Not To Make A Memory
To Get Happiness

Never underestimate the Time
It never Comes back

Keep Learning
One Day You Will Get Chance

Sometimes you can’t explain
what you see in person.
It’s just the way take you to a place
Where no one else can

No Pain, No Gain
One Aim, Own Game

Behind every man who is rich,
There is a Bitch. Who left him
In his difficult time


Life is a blank canvas,
splatter it with your own colors.

The winds of change may unsettle you at first,
but they could blow you to beautiful new shores.

Don’t just follow the herd.
Sometimes the best path is
the road less traveled.

Every day writes a
new page in your life’s story.
Make it a good read.

You were not born to just pay bills and die.
Listen to your inner voice
calling you to live your dreams.

Your life is a unique masterpiece.
Craft it with care and imbue it with passion.

Cherish every moment,
for you’ll never get that sand
back into the hourglass again.

Life takes you to unexpected places.
Embrace the detours; that’s where memories are made.

Blaze your own trail instead of following
someone else’s footsteps and map.

Don’t be afraid to exit your comfort zone.
Growth happens outside its walls.



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