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Until the lion learns
How to write every story
Will Be glorify
The hunter

Nobody knows the real me
Nobody knows how many times
I’ve cried in my room

The best project you’ll
Ever work on is you

Some people don’t need help
They just want attention

It’s good to trust other
But, not to do so is much better

Old me don’t leave me I beg you
New me I don’t care if you block me or leave me

Never forget karma is always online

Sometimes you need
Bad things to happen
To inspire you to
Change and grow

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 Hindi Quotes

It’s easy to make 15
Friends in one year
But keeping one
Friend for 15
Years is special

    Life Quotes In English

Lack of communication
Ruins everything because
Instead of knowing how
The other person is
Feeling, we just assume

Falling in love is easy
But staying in love is
Very special

Yes, I am single but I don’t
Need temporary relationships
I am searching for a permanent
A person who would understand
My silence better than my words

Some people will never
Support you because
They are afraid of what
You might become

A big thank you
To all people who
Never gets tired
Of supporting me

Act like you trust people,
But don not

You are not sorry
That you did it
You are sorry that I found it

After breakup
she got a new
partner & I got a new life

The best revenge is showing them
That your life is getting
Better after they’re gone

When you are a
Good person
You don’t loose|
People, people
Lose you

Life Shayari

Success is not
Easy, you have
To put yourself
On fire

Sometimes it feels better not to talk.
At all about anything to anyone

I am not impressed by money,
social status, or job title.
I am impressed by the way treats other human beings

Don’t cheat if you are not happy
Just leave

I never lie because I don’t fear anyone
people only lie when they are afraid

Nothing is more Peaceful
Than having no intrest in Anyone

Mistake are proof
That you’re trying

Stop Excepting
Start Accepting
Life became much easier

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