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Everything is easy
When you are busy
But nothing is easy
When you are lazy

Make sure you have
Your own life before
Becoming someone’s

Dear girls
Stop wasting tears for
A fake person, somewhere
A person is dying to
Get text from you

 Life Quotes In English

Loyalty is expensive
Don’t expect it
From cheap people

Everything is ok
in the end
If it’s not ok,
Then it’s not the end

Sometimes it’s better
To remain silent and smile

She want to fly first class,
I want to own the plane

If your goal set you
Apart from the crowd,
Then stand alone

When your goals
And dreams are
More important
Than your distractions
Welcome to the 1% club

There are no mistakes
Or failures, only lessons

Too many peoples
Too many shades
Nobody stays
Everyone fades

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Too busy is a myth,
People make time
Are really important
To them

Everything will be okay at the end
If it is not okay, it is not the end

I am not the person
I once was

You can’t make
Everybody happy
You are a human
Not Netflix

Yes I have made
Mistakes because
Life didn’t come with
User manual and

Anyone who has never
Made mistakes have
Never tried anything new

Dream as if you’ll
Live forever. Live
As if tomorrow is
Last one

The quickest way to
Double your money
Is to fold it in half
And put it back
In your pocket

Don’t worry
Bro your time
Is bad not you
Journey of
Thousands of Miles
Begins with One-step

People who say they
Don’t need anybody went through a lot of shit
because of somebody

I am single because,
I don’t want anyone
To control my life

No matter how much you care for someone,
One day they will leave you

I know you don’t miss me anymore
And it breaks me even more

Bad days are
The Ones that
Build better days

If you want next
Level results,
Then your efforts
Better be next level

In the end i have learned
was how to be strong

Trust what you feel,
Not what you hear

You don’t know me,You only
Know what i allow to know

When you’re grateful for what
You have insteadof being upset
On what “you deserves” life
Gets really good

You have to fight
Through some bad days
To earn best days
Of your life

No one dies virgin,
Life fucks every
Single one of us

Take inspiration
But don’t imitate

In my case karma
Was not working
Well so, I became karma

Whether you love
Me or hate me,
I’m still going to
Shine bright
Like a star

I don’t follow others,
I only follow my
Orders because
I am my own boss

Bro life is a
The game be a pro

From nothing to
Something we came
Here from hard work

I’m bad because
I failed to find
Good people

For help
You can do
Anything but
Not everything

Don’t feel sad if
Someone rejects you
People always reject
Expensive things and go
For the cheap one

Madness is like gravity
All it takes is a little push

Time has a wonderful way
To show us what really matters

Success is never owned
It’s rented and the
Rent is due every day

Pass the truth to the next generation
Teach them early what we learn late

Your family is
the best team
you could ever have

Never stop showing
Someone How much
They mean to you

When you focus on you, you grow
When you focus on shit, Shit grows.
Read that again

Sometimes even the devil on my shoulder asks,
What the fuck are you doing

I am bad because I failed
To find good people for help

Sick of trying tried of crying
Yes I am smiling because
Inside I am dying

You wanna get comfortable or
You wanna grow?
Cause you can’t do both

I believe in myself
Not in your opinions

Any friend that turns into an enemy has been
Hating since day one

Money and success don’t change people;
They merely amplify what is already there.

The big lesson in life, baby, is never be
Scared of anyone or anything.

Don’t talk like one of them.
You’re not! Even if you’d like to be.

Nothing is more Peaceful
Than having no intrest in Anyone

Mistake are proof
That you’re trying

Stop Excepting
Start Accepting
Life became much easier

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