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The stuff you heard
about me was a lie,
I am more worse than you think

Some people
wear a happy
face to hide their pain and some
people wear a sad face to give others pain

Life is not a problem to be solved,
but a reality to be experienced.

What Money Says
Save Me Today
So That I Can Save You Tommorrow

My feelings will die one day
I am sure I’ll forget you

Privacy is power what people
Don’t know they can’t ruin

I’m not a hero to play
I’m here to dominate

Life is a journey and
Only you hold the key

life has always a wonderful ending,
If its not amazing, then trust me its not the end,
Its just the starting of something more lovely

People live together
Because they forgive each other

Failure Always Talk About Winning
But Champion Always Perform Never Talk

Never Think Too Much
Just Do
Whatever Makes you Happy

Always Do You Best For Anyone
It will Come One Day
In Unexpected Ways

A Negativity Though Will Never
Help You To Gain Positivity

Always Remember
Every Successful Person
Had To Struggle

Never Tell Anyone
About Your Dreams
Show Them With Results

Don’t Wait
Because No One Is There
To Help You

I Know Its Your Bad Time
And I Also Know
Good Time Is Waiting For Yo

I never Judge People
I only Let Them Know
What They Are

Don’t Wait For Good Time
Just Make It The Best Time

Nothing is more Peaceful
Than having no intrest in Anyone

Mistake are proof
That you’re trying

Stop Excepting
Start Accepting
Life became much easier

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