Motivational Shayari in English | Success Shayari in English

Motivational shayari english

Focus on your goals
These girls are not
Going anywhere

Heroes come and go
But legends are forever

When someone says
You Can’t do it
Just do it twice
And take pictures

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My body wants
More sleep but
My pocket wants
More money

Bad days are the Ones
That build better days

I act poor
You look rich
we are both liars

Making mistakes
Is better than
Faking perfections

The harder the battle
The sweeter the victory

Biggest regret of my life is,
I lied to my parents for someone
Who always lied to me

One day your car will be more expensive
Then their lifetime income

Losers quit when they fail,
Winners fail until they succeed

The days that break you
Are the days that make you

Success is a
Lonely Road

When you balance your heart and mind equally
Then you are the master of yourself

Push yourself, because no one
Is going to do it for you.

Start Unknown
Finish Unforgettable

Nothing stop the man
Who desire to achieve

English Motivational Shayari

Breakup is Good
For your career

Learn the power of being
Your true self

If you want to be successful
you have to disappear
For a while

Still Healing from things
I never speak about

Yes money can’t buy happiness
But poverty can’t buy anything

If you push me away, I promise you
You won’t find me where you left me
My heart is big, but not big enough
To deal with people who decided to love me
When it’s convenient for them

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