Motivational Shayari in English | Success Shayari in English

Successful Shayari in english

Don’t judge me you can’t handle
Half of what I have survived

Once you fall in love with yourself
Their game is over

Dear youth get committed to money
Because money always smell
Better than your EX

Never be controlled by thee things
Your past, money and people

Take a chance
And Grow

Their impossible is
Your Possible

Hate is heavy,
So let it go

Try a little harder
to become a little better

Dream big , start small
Start now

Know who you
Are and know
It’s Enough

If you are the smartest person in the room,
Then, you are in wrong room

Push harder than yesterday
If you want a different tomorrow

If you ever had a dream,
Now is the time to pursue it

Never forgot those
Who helped you on the way up

How you see the world
Depends on how you look

They have laughed enough
On your dreams, now It’s
Time to shut them up
With your results

Most people are weak
Not because it’s inevitable fate
But because It’s an easy choice

If no one is with you, do it by yourself!
Better to b great alone than being average together

99% run for girls
Rest 1% become millionaries

There is no competition,
Because nobody can be mine

Every winner
Has Scar

People Forget people
When they meet new people

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