Beast Movie Review : Even Vijay can't rescue Beast from flippant writing

Nelson Dilipkumar could have used this plot set-up to turn in a nail-biting thriller. Instead, he gives us an unapologetic crowd-pleaser.

The build-up to the hero-introduction scene has seemingly been a non-negotiable part of masala movies starring superstars.

It’s a fan-service thing. But, over the years, it has evolved into some sort of ritual.

No matter how maverick and rebellious the director is, he has to whip up a series of events, creating anticipation and setting the ground ready for the entry of the hero.

the much-awaited hero’s entry, the movie will start firing on all cylinders, providing the right cues for fans to get ready to welcome their favourite star 

The creative decision is in line with the stoic nature of Veera Raghavan, played by Vijay.

He is so inexpressive that strangers won’t be able to guess that he is suffering from traumatic stress just by looking at him.

Nelson has cut Veera Raghavan’s character from the same cloth as Dr Varun, the stoic hero of his last directorial Doctor.

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