Dhoni disappeared after we gave him a bike: CSK-owner N Srinivasan

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known for his love for motorcycles and cricket

Chennai Super Owner N Srinivasan explained how Dhoni developed a love for Chennai city where he spent his time playing for CSK.

He said that the franchise gave him a bike on the first day and he just disappeared and drove all around the city

Dhoni’s love for motorcycles remains a widely popular fact on the Internet. The former captain of the Indian cricket team owns dozens of vintage motorcycles

and a slew of modern superbikes and touring machines. N Srinivasan says that Dhoni’s love for Chennai developed on a motorcycle.

The cricketer used to roam around on the Chennai roads all through the time he spent in Chennai. While Srinivasan did not say which bike they gave to Dhoni

but he used to own a Yamaha FZ-1, which he used to reach the stadium as well.

We believe the Yamaha FZ-1 was the motorcycle that Dhoni used to roam around the city.