Here’s How Much Umpires Earn In Every Match

The IPL 2022 got underway on March 26 and over a couple of dozen matches have been completed

Another aspect that’s been much-talked-about this season – similar to the previous seasons – has been the umpiring.

There have been a number of umpiring decisions – whether in the case of lbws, inside-edges, run-outs, and even wides – that have left some players and fans upset.

What is the salary of umpires in IPL 2022?

As with the players in the IPL, the umpires also get paid heavily by the BCCI. According to, 

the salary of the umpires is based on two categories:

ICC Elite Panel’s umpires get INR 1,98,000 per match in the IPL, whereas the development umpires get INR 59,000 per match.

There is a fixed sponsorship amount of INR 7,33,000 per season as well.

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