New 'mystery girl' of IPL 2022 spotted images go viral

The cameramen in the Indian Premier League has become a fan favorite as he never shies away from focusing on the lovely faces of female fans

During the DC vs KKR game at the Brabourne Stadium, fans was spotted by the cameraman during the crunch moments of the match, which is now going crazily viral on the internet.

Later revealed that she arti bedi an actor by profession and a dancer

The cameraman was constantly showing that stunning girl on the screen. She was wearing a white-colored top and looked stunning as she cheered for Shreyas Iyer-led Kolkata Knight Riders.

 some fans as usual had funny memes regarding the cameramen, others called the girl their new 'crush'. 

She instantly became a sensation on social media as IPL fans started reacting to this new Mystery Girl in the stands.

 The curious fans on social media have finally found out who that Mystery Girl was.

In the previous seasons as well, plenty of ladies have become social media sensations