IPL petitioner Aditya Verma: Game-changer, Tone-changer

Nine years after taking the BCCI to court, a move that resulted in large-scale constitutional changes in Indian cricket,

the petitioner Aditya Verma now speaks in favour of those he had once opposed.

It is always easier to appreciate whistle-blowers in retrospect than in the heat of the moment. But with the bulbous-cheeked Aditya Verma,

even his worst critics will acknowledge the impact he has made in the here and now.

The IPL spot-fixing case that promised a clean-up of the system didn’t quite play out that way but the old order did change.

Bihar cricket regained its affiliation with parent body BCCI, a case Verma says he has been at since 2005,

and old hands like N Srinivasan were forced to relinquish their hold on the board that now has a new Supreme Court-mandated constitution