Pains Me To See A Big Player Go Through Such A Long Gap – Kapil Dev on Virat Kohli

Kapil Dev was disappointed with the prolonged dry patch of batter, 

Virat Kohli, saying it has been bothering the Indian fans for quite a while now.

Kohli’s last international century came over 30 months ago and more importantly, he hasn’t looked his usual confident self on the pitch.

Expectedly, his role in the same came under criticism and Kapil said the fraternity will continue voicing their concern.

“I haven’t played cricket as much as Virat Kohli. But sometimes you may not have played enough cricket but you can look to figure things out. 

 Either that, or we just cannot criticize such great players. We have played cricket and we understand the game and after that, they have to improve their thought process, not ours.

“If you prove us wrong, we will like it. If you don’t score runs, we feel there is some fault. We just see one thing and that’s your performance.

And if the performance is not there, don’t expect people to stay quiet. Your bat and your performance should speak, nothing else,” Kapil told on ‘Uncut’.