Ravi Shastri Reveals How Javed Miandad Sledged Him By Mentioning Audi Car During India-Pakistan World Championship 1985 Final

Ravi Shastri narrated an incident from the 1985 World Championship final between India and Pakistan where Javed Miandad was trying to sledge him

No cricket fan can forget the season Ravi Shastri had in 1985 as he helped the Sunil Gavaskar-led India win the 1985 Benson and Hedges World Championship.

In the entire tournament, Shastri registered 182 runs and also took eight wickets. However, he reserved his best for the final against Pakistan.

With the ball in hand, he scalped one wicket as he dismissed Tahir Naqqash

Whoever was deemed the Player of the Tournament in the 1985 Benson and Hedges World Championship was supposed to get an Audi100.

 And it was Shastri, who was chosen as the Player of the Tournament and the Audi was his.

After the ceremony, the entire Indian team jumped onto the car, and Shastri famously drove the Audi around the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

And now, Shastri has revealed how Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad sledged him during the final.

“Tu baar baar udhar kya deke raha hai” (Why are you looking there repeatedly?) “Gaadi ko kyun dekh raha hai?!”

(Why are you looking at the car). Voh nahi milne waali hai tere ko! (You are not going to get it!)," The Indian Express quoted Shastri as saying.