Shah Rukh Khan steals hearts in black pathaani suit at Baba Siddique's Iftaar party.

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Shehnaaz Gill attend Baba Siddique’s Iftar party

At Baba Siddique's Iftaar party held last night, April 17, Shah Rukh Khan arrived in style wearing a black pathaani suit. The duo also posed together for the cameras.

Baba Siddique’s Iftaar party is one of the most popular events in town.

this year, Baba Siddique hosted an Iftaari for his friends in politics and the world of entertainment.

Shah Rukh Khan, who hasn't been making much public appearances after his son Aryan Khan's arrest, returned to the spotlight at Baba Siddique’s Iftaar party on Sunday night.

Salman Khan had also arrived at Baba Siddique's Iftaar party with his father Salim Khan. 

The actor happily posed for pictures at the venue, Taj Lands End. Later, Shah Rukh Khan made his way to the party looking dapper in a pathaani suit.

SRK chopped off his long tresses, which he had maintained for months for his upcoming film, Pathaan.

The actor sported a short hair look at the Iftaar party. Shah Rukh posed for the paparazzi with Baba Siddique before he made his way to the party.

In a video doing the rounds on the internet, the Bollywood superstar is also seen sitting and chatting at the table with the politician while there is a crowd behind him.

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