World War 3 has begun, says Russian TV; Ukraine is hero for free world, asserts Zelensky

We have withstood 50 days already. 50 days of Russian invasion, although the occupiers gave us a maximum of five,' said Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

After Russia was dealt a massive blow with the sinking of its warship Moskva in the Black Sea, the country’s state TV declared that the ongoing invasion of Ukraine has “escalated into World War Three”

Presenter Olga Skabeyeva told Rossiya 1 viewers that Russia was fighting against NATO infrastructure

“One can safely call what it has escalated into World War Three. That’s absolutely for sure. Right now,

we’re definitely fighting against NATO infrastructure, if not NATO itself. We need to recognise that,” she said, according to multiple reports.

The 529-crew Moskva sunk on Friday after being hit by Ukraine’s two Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles

However, Russia denied this claim and stated that Moskva suffered damage from an accidental fire and ammunition explosion.

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