50+ Best Attitude Status | Attitude Quotes In English

Hard works puts you
Where good luck can find you

See the good in

When people say
I don’t want to be like you
I just smile & reply
chill, you never will

If you don’t come from a rich faimly
Make sure a rich faimly must come from you

When you focus on you, you grow
When you focus on shit, shit grows
Read that again

When money speaks
Nobody checks
The grammar

I don’t take shit personal, from a
Person who doesn’t know
My personality

It’s my nature
To destroy
Everything I touch

Smarter than your Ex
Better than your Next

If my mouth won’t say it,
My face definitely will

I was in pain but no one saw me
Now, I’m happy and
Everyone’s Attention is on me

I didn’t say goodbye
I just walked away

I felt so much,
I started to FEEL nothing

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