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Life Shayari | Life Quotes In English Life-changing Shayari

Money and success don’t change people;
they merely amplify what is already there.

Show me your status in society
Not on social media

Now I remember why my teachers always told me
TO keep eyes on my own paper

You need to get motivated
Look your ficking bank account balance

Money is like a Dettol
It kills 99.99% problems

No money more problems
More money no problems

Don’t call it dream
Call it A plan

Work until you feel
Dubai tour is cheap

The pain that you have been feeling
Cannot compare the joy that is coming

A loyal person is always
Better than a royal person

Before they compare my skin to others
But today I compare My bank balance to them

One day you will laugh at the problems
Which you have today

Pain is temperory
Pride is forever

One day your car is costlier
Than their lifetime income
Keep Hard Work

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Life Quotes In English

If someone stupid enough to walk
Out of your life
Then be smart enough
to let them go

Don’t think about saving money
THink about making more money

Hard time to teaches
You a valuable lessons

Speak English
Kiss French
Dress Italian
Spend Arab

AT the age of 25
Others want to get married and have kids
But i want my parents in back seat of my BM

Nothing is more Peaceful
Than having no intrest in Anyone

Mistake are proof
That you’re trying

Stop Excepting
Start Accepting
Life became much easier

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