Very Sad Shayari in English | Broken Heart Shayari

I’m the type of girl who could have tears streaming
Down my face & still insist that everything is fine

It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important
To someone as you thought you are were

I am a god enough person to forgive you
But not stupid enough to trust you again

I didn’t lose you,
you lost me.
you will search for me inside of everyone
You’re with and won’t be found

sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed,
And hope to fall asleep before you fall apart

Never allow someone to be your priority
While allowing
yourself to be their option

You HATE me
But who are you?

People who Don’t know me
Think I”M still the same

Nothing wrong with this world,
Something wrong with Humans

OHH Honey, LIFE is a full of mistakes,
And YOU are the biggest one

You think you know people
But Then they Surprise you

Don’t cry for the person
Make that
Person cry. SIMPLE

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